Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is a point-rich fitness band that costs just$ 40
Xiaomi’s rearmost fitness band continues to set the standard for budget wearables.
What you need to know

Xiaomi has unveiled the rearmost model in its budget fitness band series, dubbed the Smart Band 8.
It has blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring, and features 150 sports modes it can indeed be attached to a shoe buckle.
It retains a1.62- inch AMOLED screen, but has a new design with a metallic texture.
It’s launching encyclopedically for just€ 39($ 40).
For the last eight times, if you wanted a budget fitness band that offered a good blend of features and value, the dereliction option was the Mi Band. Xiaomi was so successful in dealing these fitness bands around the world that it came the largest manufacturer of budget wearables, and that continues to be the case to this day.
Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is a point-rich fitness band that costs just$ 40
While fitness bands have largely given way to affordable smartwatches, Xiaomi still thinks there’s a request for the Mi Band, so it launched a new bone
. The Smart Band 8 eschews Mi imprinting, but make no mistake, it’s the successor to the Mi Band 7. It has the same1.62- inch color AMOLED panel, and it now gets Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a new metallic design that makes it look a lot further decoration.

As the name suggests, fitness is a crucial part of the Smart Band 8, and it comes with the capability to track over 150 sports modes. What is particularly intriguing is that you can indeed attach it to your shoe buckle in what Xiaomi calls Pebble Mode, and it’ll give perceptivity into your handling gait and exertion data.

The rest of the features are standard; you get blood oxygen, and heart rate monitoring, the 190mAh battery, is designed to last at least a week on a full charge, and you get an expansive selection of watch faces — over 200. What is new is a fast charging point that lets you charge the battery in an hour, and the new design means you get the capability to accessorize the Smart Band 8 with plenitude of different bands.

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