This Apple iPhone 12 software update aimed at combating excessive radiation levels is currently not available to the public. For now, it is being reviewed by the French authorities aiming to check if this modification fixes the issue properly.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Image credit: Apple

According to the news reports, the French authorities have received a software update from Apple for its iPhone 12 and are currently in the process of reviewing it. This development comes as Apple aims to prevent the possibility of a costly product recall.

Apple had committed to releasing a software update to address concerns about radiation levels from iPhone 12 devices. Earlier this month, France suspended the sale of these phones after tests revealed that they exceeded radiation exposure limits.

In response to the French suspension, Apple protested the findings, stating that the iPhone 12 was “certified as compliant with global standards by multiple international organizations”.

However, on September 15, Apple announced its intention to issue a software update that would accommodate the testing methods used in France, effectively addressing the concerns raised by the French authorities.

The radiation warning in France, which was based on test results differing from those conducted in other countries, has raised concerns in Europe and beyond. Belgium and Germany have also expressed interest in receiving the software upgrade if it works as intended.

Apple recently launched the iPhone 15, and the iPhone 12 is no longer directly available for purchase from Apple. However, it can still be obtained from third-party sellers with available inventory or through trade-in programs.

Apple regularly provides software updates for its devices, primarily to address security issues. These updates can be specific to particular models or regions, and Apple often releases multiple updates within a month.

This specific radiation-related iPhone 12 update is expected to be similar to routine software fixes, with Apple notifying eligible users and allowing them to install the update.

Written by Alius Noreika


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