During moment’s Made by Google event, Fitbit’s James Park teased a new line of “ Fitbit Labs ” features that use generative AI to deliver helpful, applicable feedback on your recent exercises grounded on your recent health data. “google pixel 8 pro”

Fitbit Labs teased with AI feedback on recent workouts and trends
Following the recent trend of AI- powered Google Labs, Fitbit is gaining its own set of AI features under its own Labs imprinting. To start, Park showcased a single illustration, in which he asked the Fitbit AI chatbot why his most recent run felt “ harder than usual. ”
In response, the chatbot looked at his full Fitbit profile to offer a more complete answer of why the run sounded harder. First, the AI conceded that the drill was indeed more emphatic with a advanced average heart rate. Next, it refocused to his recent downcast trend in sleep quality along with the run’s path having more inclines than his usual route. “google pixel 8 pro”

To offer some visual feedback, the Fitbit chatbot incontinently generates a map showing the trends of recent runs. Most importantly, the AI delivers its feedback in a probative and encouraging manner.
The( likelynon-final) UI previewed was commonly evocative of Google Bard, including options to upvote/ downvote the chatbot’s answers.

The suite of Fitbit Labs features will originally only be available to “ trusted testers, ” with Park noting that precedence will be given to possessors of Pixel tackle.

streamlining.”google pixel 8 pro”

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