You might think that it would take a lot of effort to make Henry Cavill look like a huge dork, but the first trailer for Apple TV Plus’ new meta spy comedy Argylle from director Matthew Vaughn proves that all it takes is a velveteen sweater and an unforgiving trip to SuperCuts.

Apple’s Argylle looks like the ultimate power clash in new trailer

Rather than focusing entirely on its namesake himself, Argylle tells the story of how reclusive spy novelist Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) is suddenly pulled into the very legit world of espionage after a criminal organization realizes that the plot of her book series is somehow matching up eerily closely to their latest nefarious plan.

Despite creating Argylle (Cavill) — a lantern-jawed operative with a widow’s peak situation so high and tight you’d think it was a hair piece — nothing about Elly’s life prepares her for when flesh and blood agent Aiden (Sam Rockwell) shows up at her door insisting that she come with him if she wants to live. But with other gun-wielding g-men and criminals hot on their tail, Elly (and her carrier-bound cat) have no choice but to join Aiden for what looks from the trailer like a wild ride that somehow involves John Cena, Samuel L. Jackson, Dua Lipa, and Catherine O’Hara.

Goofy as the trailer looks, it makes it seem like Argylle’s aiming to poke fun at the spy genre as a whole using films like Netflix’s Red Notice as a general blueprint. It’s a risky move considering how… not great those kinds of movies tend to be, but it’s one that just might pay off when Argylle hits theaters on February 2nd, 2024, and hits Apple TV Plus at some point afterward.


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